How does an Azgardian make plans?

Ever been in a situation when you have to make a long haul trip to Earth from Azgard using the rainbow bridge because your evil, whiny brother insists on trying to take over the world again?

Who hasn’t.

Well maybe this can lighten up your mood a bit next time you have to make the journey.


Never so connected, never so lonely

To keep our motivation strong, we often remind ourselves why we felt the need for Hoodere. Content such as this reinforces our founding premise: For all the increase in connectivity over the last decade, we have never been lonelier.

The modern social platforms we use are infinitely useful in keeping us informed and connected, but this virtual connection is no substitute for real interaction. And that’s what Hoodere is working to solve: To build a platform where we can share plans and future where-abouts with friends so we get to connect more in real life.

This beautiful piece of visual communication analyzes this point in more detail.

How not to use your smartphone

We at Hoodere believe that social technology has an important role to play in bringing us closer together in real life.

Hoodere helps you identify the friends that will be at the same place as you in the future so you do not miss an opportunity to meet up just because you did not know it. Hoodere also helps in making the plan in a painless manner. Foursquare helps in deciding the right location. Instagram helps us capture the moment and embellishes the visual memory. The list goes on.

However, its important to realize that these tools exist to enhance the social experience, not hijack it as it so often does.

We tried to humorously capture this sentiment in our take on a modified Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Here’s an excellent short video that shows what life becomes when you allow technology to become the end rather than the means.

Why Hoodere is awesome – Part 1

Why Hoodere is super useful - Part 1

We could explain it, but we thought its better if you see it.

Try using Hoodere next time you are going somewhere to discover who else will be around you there.

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We have a voice!

Hello blogging world!

Good to have a place where we can speak our mind and share random thoughts. The startup world can be a lonely, lonely place. We’ll be chatting you up a lot more now.¬†

See you by the water cooler.